Norwegian runner sets new record for fastest barefoot half marathon on snow

Jane McGuire
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Photo credit: YouTube/Sevald
Photo credit: YouTube/Sevald

From Runner's World

  • Norwegian runner, Jonas Felde Sevaldrud, has broken the world record for the fastest half marathon run barefoot on snow.

  • Sevaldrud, who is also a YouTuber and goes by the name Sevald, ran 13.1 miles in 1:44:58, breaking the previous record of 2:16:34, set by Dutch runner Wim Hof in 2007.

Runner and YouTuber Sevald shared the highs and lows of his record-breaking run in a video, in which he credits Christopher McDougall's Born to Run as the inspiration behind his barefoot adventure.

Living in Norway, Sevald can be seen doing a shorter, 5K test run where he found running on the snow and ice to be less painful than expected. He then set his sights on beating Dutch runner Wim Hof's barefoot half-marathon record on snow, working out his looped course.

In the video Sevald confidently says, 'my goal is not only to beat his record — I want to smash it.' Wearing leggings, a long sleeve running top, a beanie, Sevald followed a friend (who was wearing running shoes) for the whole challenge.

While his feet could handle the cold, his lack of barefoot running training took its toll on his feet as he clocked up the miles, stopping ever 5K to check his feet. 'It’s hurting quite a bit', he said at 16K, where his feet were starting to feel really cold. With 2K to go, the runner appeared a little more worried, saying, 'right now, my feet don’t feel so cold. Maybe they are so cold that they’re just numb.'

He crossed the line in 1:44:58 - a world record waiting to be verified by officials at Guinness World Records. Impressive, albeit slightly bonkers, running!

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