North East weather: Hour-by-hour Met Office weather forecast today

Darlington with clouds <i>(Image: NORTHERN ECHO)</i>
Darlington with clouds (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

After the extreme winds of Storm Agnes today will be a return to normal for weather in Darlington.

The Met Office is predicting a dry day with clouds thickening as we head into the afternoon.

Towards the end of the day and overnight there might be the odd shower.

Wind gusts will be nowhere near as strong as yesterday with a maximum of 26mph.

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There will be highs of 17C and lows of 13C, with the sun due to set at 18.50pm.

Here’s a full hour-by-hour forecast for Darlington today.

9am: 15C with 10% chance of rain

10am: 15C with 10% chance of rain

11am: 15C with 10% chance of rain

12pm: 15C with 10% chance of rain

1pm: 16C with 10% chance of rain

2pm: 15C with 10% chance of rain

3pm: 16C with 10% chance of rain

4pm: 16C with <5% chance of rain

5pm: 15C with 10% chance of rain

6pm: 15C with 10% chance of rain

7pm: 15C with 50% chance of rain

8pm: 14C with 10% chance of rain

9pm: 14C with 50% chance of rain

10pm: 13C with 50% chance of rain

11pm: 13C with 50% chance of rain

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A Met Office spokesperson said: "Any early showers clearing for plenty of sunny spells through the day.

"Remaining mostly dry, though the odd shower possible early afternoon, with cloud thickening further later on.

"Breezy. Maximum temperature 17 °C.

"Outbreaks of rain spreading across the region during the evening and overnight, turning heavy at times.

"Generally breaking up through the early hours, dry by dawn. Breezy at times."