Normani hits back after being accused of lacking motivation

Normani has hit back at her critics credit:Bang Showbiz
Normani has hit back at her critics credit:Bang Showbiz

Normani has "real life s*** going on in [her] personal life".

The 26-year-old singer admitted she's dealing with some personal problems during a fiery online exchange with a fan, who previously accused her of lacking motivation.

The online critic initially wrote on Twitter: "No idea where Normani's motivation (no pun intended) has gone but I just dont see the same passion from her as I used to. Before yall start, its not depression so dont even go THERE! (sic)"

Another Twitter user then added: "What happens when you've gotten comfortable and you're not HUNGRY anymore. (sic)"

However, Normani - who shot to fame as a teenager as part of Fifth Harmony - quickly fired back at her critics, urging them to be quiet.

She wrote: "just shut the f*** up. (sic)"

A number of fans subsequently came out in support of the 'Motivation' hitmaker, including fashion illustrator Hayden Williams.

Hayden tweeted: "It's so interesting that people that have no clue what it's like to be in the music industry and the complexities that can come with that, but will dish out unwanted and rude opinions all the time smh. (sic)"

Normani later observed that those issues are compounded by "real life s*** going on in [her] personal life".

However, the singer didn't elaborate on the issues she's dealing with.

Meanwhile, Normani previously admitted to feeling alone as the only black member of Fifth Harmony.

The 'Wild Side' hitmaker starred in the girl group alongside Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Camila Cabello - but she admitted to having a different experience compared to her bandmates.

She shared: "I don't think they had the tools that they needed, because it's not their experience. I can give them credit for trying to be there for me, but at the same time ... The girls don't experience things the way I did."