Norman Cook recalls feeling lost amid COVID crisis

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Norman Cook felt lost during the health crisis credit:Bang Showbiz
Norman Cook felt lost during the health crisis credit:Bang Showbiz

Norman Cook felt lost amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

The 58-year-old DJ - who is also known as Fatboy Slim - admits he didn't know what to do with himself at the start of lockdown.

The 'Right Here, Right Now' hitmaker shared: "My whole job is to make large amounts of people commune and do everything that we weren’t supposed to be doing. For the first couple of weeks, I thought: what do I do?"

Norman ultimately kept his "mental health on track" by posting weekly mixes online.

The DJ - who has Woody, 21, and Nelly, 12, with his ex-partner Zoe Ball - said: "I had the summer off that I’d always promised myself. Then in the autumn, my son went off to university, and my daughter was back in school and the walls started to close in a bit."

Norman eventually decided to take a job at a cafe that he owns in Hove, in southern England.

The cafe faced huge issues amid the COVID-19 crisis, but working a regular job helped to keep the music star "sane".

The 'Praise You' hitmaker told the Guardian newspaper: "We had a case of COVID, lost two-thirds of our staff and so it was either shut down, or all hands on deck. I worked there for seven months. People would walk along the seafront because that’s all they were allowed to do and it was where they got their coffee at the end of the walk, so it felt like we were the last bastion of community and connection.

"It was interesting, because I’ve never done an honest job for years. It kept me sane, really. But being back has been joyous."

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