Norland Nanny expert talks royal nannies: 'Some spill the beans, others are sacked for getting too close to the children'

As the world gets its first glimpse of the nanny Meghan and Harry have hired for their son Archie, Yahoo UK speaks to Norland Nanny expert Louise Heren about what’s expected of a royal nanny and the role their play in a royal child’s life. The long-standing Norland Nanny institution received a royal stamp of approval in 2013 when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hired their very own Norland Nanny alumni, Maria Borrallo, to care for their three children - Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. She's made history as the first Norlander to work with direct heirs to the throne.

"We'll never know whether nanny Maria choses to wear her Norland uniform, or whether she's asked to," says Louise.

So, what’s so appealing about the prestigious childcare college and how have other royal nannies fared over the years? We investigate.