No Wooden Charcuterie Board? A Baking Sheet Works Just As Well

Close up of charcuterie board
Close up of charcuterie board - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Are you about to host a cocktail or dinner party and just realized that you don't have the right wooden charcuterie board for your cheeses, crackers, and fruits? Maybe you don't have an appropriate board in your kitchen, the one you have is too small for the occasion, or you just want less of a mess to clean up when the guests finally leave. No matter what the reason, solve this hosting mishap by pulling out your best baking sheet. That's right, there are many uses for baking sheets beyond cooking like using it as your charcuterie board.

There's a little prep work involved with using a baking sheet in place of a charcuterie board for your guests. First, try to use a rimmed baking sheet so the items don't fall off. Most home cooks have a few sheet pans seasoned with oils and spices after many uses over the years — but you don't want the guests to see that as the Brie and grapes disappear during cocktail hour. To prevent this, use your best baking sheet and line it with parchment paper or aluminum foil to cover up any imperfections on the pan, and to make post-party clean up even easier.

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Dried Fruits And Herbs Transform A Baking Sheet Into An Elevated Presentation

Close up of hand making charcuterie
Close up of hand making charcuterie - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

You can use the same elements on your baking sheet that you would on a traditional wooden board. Start building the charcuterie board by pulling out any necessary bowls or ramekins for dips, nuts, olives, or fruits. Arrange them sporadically around the baking sheet, then use the cheeses to fill in the gaps. Next, arrange the breads, crackers, cured meats, and vegetables around the cheese according to the pairings, and make sure you are evenly filling the baking sheet so nobody knows there isn't a wooden board underneath the accouterments. If you have guests with dietary restrictions, don't forget to use labels to distinguish different foods; they'll also hide the baking sheet even more.

There will probably still be some gaps between all of the snacks, even if you go the extra mile and make salami roses. You want this baking sheet cheese board to be as aesthetically pleasing as any other charcuterie board, so you'll need other garnishes to fill in the empty spots. What you use depends on the occasion, but we think dried fruits like orange slices, herbs like rosemary twigs, and edible flowers like pansies or micro marigolds will make your board stand out. Use those garnishes to fill any gaps on the baking sheet charcuterie board and serve to your guests with their favorite cocktail or wine.

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