No One Believes I Found This Cool £13 Top From Marks and Spencer

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What is behind our continued obsession with tie-dye? And when I say "our," I mean everyone, not just the fashion crowd. While the trend might have exploded on the runways a few seasons ago (Dior, Proenza Schouler and Versace, to name a few), it wasn't until we hit the first lockdown that the trend suddenly became the print du jour, with online global shopping platform Lyst reporting a huge increase in searches for the print last year. I think part of its appeal is to do with its roots—most recently in '60s hippie culture—and as such, it's associated with a more laid-back lifestyle. In a world where anxiety is, understandably, at an all-time high, tie-dye gives the impression of being more chilled out even when you probably aren't.

Personally, my motivation for wearing tie-dye is somewhere in between the above reasons. I like the surfer vibes of tie-dye, but I also very much love how various designers have made it look high-end, especially when it comes to the Proenza Schouler second-skin tops. However, at over £200, these pieces are a little out of my price range, which is why when I discovered a very similar-looking piece from Marks and Spencer, I was thrilled. The dark-blue top is just the right shade of navy, and it has a tie-dye pattern in horizontal stripes. When tucked into linen trousers, worn under dresses or just paired with jeans, it still looks premium. Below, you'll see three outfits I've styled wearing the top. It's one I know I'll be wearing all summer and beyond.

Elinor Block wearing the Marks and Spencer tie-dye top, Uniqlo linen trousers, and Who What Wear sandals.

Style Notes: Despite the fact that I'm five months pregnant, these linen trousers from Uniqlo really give some stretch (tip for all you pregnant people out there). I like to tuck the M&S top into the waistband and finish the look with these super-cool sandals from the Who What Wear line.

Elinor wearing the top tucked into white linen trousers.

Elinor wearing the Marks and Spencer top, a Rails dress, an & Other Stories hat and Arizona Love sandals.

Style Notes: This is the ideal outfit for a British summer, in my opinion. The truth is that sometimes a sleeveless dress just isn't going to keep you warm enough. However, wearing it with the tie-dye top underneath solves the problem. Pair it with a matching bucket hat and sandals if you so wish.

Elinor wearing the Marks and Spencer top with a vintage gold chain necklace.

Elinor wearing the Marks and Spencer tie-dye top and maternity jeans.

Style Notes: This is perhaps the outfit I've worn the most of late: the Marks and Spencer top and maternity jeans with a pair of Converse.


Marks and Spencer Pure Cotton Tie Dye Long Sleeve Top (£13)


Marks and Spencer Pure Cotton Tie-Dye Crew Neck Sweatshirt (£20)

Marks and Spencer Pure Cotton Tie-Dye Crew Neck Sweatshirt (£20)

Proenza Schouler Tie-Dyed Cotton-Jersey Top (£265)

Zara Silk Tie-Dye Shirt (£90)

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