No entrepreneurs: Chelsea Handler's dating rule

Chelsea Handler won't date entrepreneurs credit:Bang Showbiz
Chelsea Handler won't date entrepreneurs credit:Bang Showbiz

Chelsea Handler won't date "entrepreneurs".

The 47-year-old comic has signed up to dating apps in a bid to find love but one of her rules is not to connect with anyone who isn't "specific" about their careers.

Discussing how she avoids people who call themselves entrepreneurs, she said on 'The Drew Barrymore Show': "Oh yeah. That's stupid. It just sounds like such a crock, like what are you talking about? Get specific, you know?"

Drew agreed it was a red flag for her too because the term was "so irritatingly vague".

She added: "I won't play. Just please be up front about who you are."

Chelsea also expressed her bemusement at connecting with a man on an app who turned out to have a wife and children - and was only looking for friends.

She said: "I was talking to this guy and we were texting and the third text in he said something like, ‘Oh I’m just putting the kids to bed with my wife,’ and I re-read it and I went, ‘What?’ and then I went back and he said, ‘Just here for friends, married with children,’ and I thought, ‘Who’s on a dating app to meet friends?’ Like if you don’t have friends…

"I was like, ‘Look buddy I’m not talking to you to become friends.’ I know that was so weird to me and I was looking and I guess that’s a category where you can be like, ‘I’m just here to meet people.’ "

The outspoken star revealed many women have been in touch to say they welcomed her public declarations that she doesn't want children and insisted she is "doing the world a favour" with her stance.

She said: "I feel like so many women have reached out to me like, ‘Thank you for saying you don’t have to be, you’re not worthy in this world when you become someone’s mother and wife, you’re worthy before that.’

"And I understand some people want children. Go get one. But for the people that don’t we’re doing the world a favour too."