Nina Dobrev overhauled diet after researching fishing industry

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Nina Dobrev immediately cut fish from her diet after recently watching a documentary about the fishing industry.

In a new Food Diaries video for Harper's Bazaar, The Vampire Diaries actress listed everything she eats over the course of a day, and revealed that she no longer consumes any fish or fish products after learning more about the environmental impact of fishing.

"I used to eat a lot of fish, but in researching what goes on in the ocean, making a documentary of my own, watching another documentary recently, affected me significantly. At the rate we are eating fish, because there are so many humans on the Earth, it's not sustainable. And the fishing industry itself is not sustainable at all," she stated. "So, as of recently, I've stopped eating fish altogether. I'm thinking about becoming a vegan."

While Nina hasn't yet committed to a fully plant-based diet, she abides by a very healthy eating plan incorporating lots of smoothies and green vegetables.

"I'm a big arugula girl. Don't know why, it's just so light and fresh and green," the 32-year-old smiled. "I snack a lot. There was a period of time when I was working with a trainer who told me you have to eat every two hours so your metabolism keeps working. And so that's kind of how I live my life, whether it's almonds or these little Made Good products. I just have to have something in my belly. If I'm hungry or thinking about food, I can't work."

Elsewhere in the chat, Nina confessed that she can't start her day without drinking at least one cup of hot coffee.

"Mama needs some coffee, some real strong, strong coffee. Sometimes I even have two coffees. I'll finish the coffee and it's not enough. I'll get a shot of espresso and a regular coffee and mix them together!" she added.