As Night Court’s Melissa Rauch Reunites With Kunal Nayyar, The Actors Discussed Their Relationships With The Rest Of The Big Bang Theory Cast

 Big Bang Theory Cast eating together in final moments of series finale.
Big Bang Theory Cast eating together in final moments of series finale.

Although The Big Bang Theory ended almost five years ago, the reunions haven’t stopped. Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik reunited for Fox’s comedy Call Me Kat, which also included an on-screen reunion between Bialik and Kevin Sussman. Now, another one is set to take place on Night Court, with Kunal Nayyar joining Melissa Rauch in the courtroom. So, with this exciting episode coming soon, the two are revealing what their relationships are like with the rest of their former co-stars.

Ahead of Rauch and Nayyar’s reunion on Night Court this Tuesday as part of the 2024 TV schedule, the duo spoke to ET about their relationship and the friendships they still share with the Big Bang Theory cast. Rauch shared how much the ensemble means to her and how close they will always remain, whether they are working together or not:

We've never fallen out of love. … I think, yeah, I think we'll always be a part of each other’s lives. We're just always in each other's hearts, and it's just family forever.

Considering TBBT ran for 12 seasons, it’s not surprising to hear that the bond the cast had is everlasting. There’s a reason the show went on for so long, and part of it is their chemistry. They were friends and family both on-screen and off, and Rauch’s statement proves it.

The Big Bang Theory cast has gone their separate ways professionally, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t check up on one another. After Kevin Sussman got married, many of his Big Bang co-stars reacted and shared all of their love.

Kunal Nayyar echoed Rauch’s statement, sharing that they still love each other, no matter how much time has passed:

No, never. We've never stopped loving each other. … Yeah, it's even deeper than family, to be honest. It's difficult to explain but yeah, of course, we're always -- we're all in each other’s lives.

Since the cast is still close, could this mean that a Big Bang Theory reunion of some type is possible? It might be a bit early to think about, but when Melissa Rauch started Night Court, she couldn’t stop thinking about a revival. However, she shared that the CBS sitcom “ended so perfectly” she wouldn’t want to tamper with it. That is totally understandable, and while we might not get a revival, at least we have all these fabulous reunions on other shows.

The latest Big Bang Theory reunion fans can look forward to, of course, is this one between Rauch and Nayyar. The Bernadette and Raj actors will be sharing the screen once again on this Tuesday’s episode of Night Court. It’s going to be a fun installment, and it will surely be a nostalgic one too for fans of TBBT. So, make sure to tune in on February 7 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC or the following day with a Peacock subscription.