Nigel Slater Karate Chops His Jacket Potatoes

nigel slater jacket potato karate chop
Nigel Slater Karate Chops His Jacket PotatoesRiverford

Nigel Slater does what to his jacket potatoes?

We know, what a bizarre way to treat your lovely jackets. Should something so lovely and comforting be karate chopped like that? Apparently so.

In a recent Instagram Reel, Riverford passed on the advice from Nigel that "karate chopping" a freshly baked jacket potato is the best way to get it nice and fluffy.

The method is as follows: cover your newly-out-of-the-oven jacket with a clean tea towel, and literally give it a big old whack with the side of your hand. Apparently Nigel says you want to uncover the potato and let the steam out quickly for ultimate fluff.

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The overall result? A gorg, fluffy jacket ready to be topped with beans, cheese or any of your jacket potato faves.

People were loving the novel technique, saying it would has "the added benefit of releasing pent up stress."

There are plenty of ways to make sure your potatoes are the bees knees when you're baking them, including using the right variety of pot.

Russet potatoes are your best bet, due to their thick skin and fluffy, starchy innards. You'll probably need to give this kind of potato a good scrub 'cause they're usually covered in soil, but it's worth it! Make sure you dry them thoroughly, though, because dry skin = crispy skin in our humble opinion.

The number one thing to remember when making the perfect jacket is to make a few holes before baking it. No-one needs to clean up exploded potato from their oven.

With these tips and your new-found karate chopping hack, you'll be away when it comes to baking lovely jacket potatoes every time.