Apprentice winner announced as Brexit Party election candidate for Hull seat

Will Taylor
News Reporter
Michelle Dewberry is standing as a candidate for the Brexit Party (PA Images)

Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry has been announced as a Brexit Party candidate for the general election.

The TV star and businesswoman, who appears on Sky News’ debate show The Pledge, was announced as a candidate by Nigel Farage during a party event in Hull.

Ms Dewberry said she saw Brexit as a chance to reshape the country.

She told the party’s supporters in Hull that politicians saying they supported Northern England had become a “cool and trendy thing to do”, especially during an election.

But she said when a school friend died in Hessle during a flood in 2007, the response was “sub-standard at best”.

Appearing on stage to Kanye West’s hit track Power, Ms Dewberry, who will stand in Hull West and Hessle, said: “We are neglected, we are routinely ignored, and I firmly believe that Brexit provides a fantastic opportunity for us to be serious about the North.

Nigel Farage arrives to address supporters at Ionians RUFC in Hull during general election campaigning. (PA Images)

“Because when we take control or powers back from Brussels why should it centralise and return in Westminster? I don’t believe that it should.”

The winner of the second series of BBC’s The Apprentice called for deeper devolution of powers after Brexit to stop the North being an “afterthought”.

Ms Dewberry, who said she was born and bred in Hessle, said politics is ‘broken’ and criticised the first-past-the-post voting system for not providing a properly representative parliament.

She also said it is “fundamentally wrong” not to follow through on the result of the EU referendum.

“It is for that reason ever since 2016 I have been very, very passionate and very consistent in my defence for Brexit and my strong belief that it should be enacted.”

The broadcaster, who stood in Hull West and Hessle as an independent in 2017 and came fourth with 5.5% of the vote, denied standing would split the Leave vote.

Later, leader Nigel Farage confirmed the Brexit Party said he would contest Labour seats.

He stood down 317 of his own candidates in seats held by Tories earlier this week.