Niecy Nash-Betts: My mom said I couldn't act!

Niecy Nash-Bridges won at the Critics Choice Awards credit:Bang Showbiz
Niecy Nash-Bridges won at the Critics Choice Awards credit:Bang Showbiz

Niecy Nash-Betts says her mother once told her she wasn't a "good" dramatic actress.

The 52-year-old star is best known for her comedic roles on shows such as 'Getting On' and 'Scream Queens' but scooped the Best Supporting Actress at the Critics' Choice Television Awards on Sunday (15.01.23) for her role as Glenda Cleveland, the neighbour of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, in 'Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' and jokingly revealed in her speech that her mother once told her she should stick to comedy.

She said: "When I decided to become an actor, I saw myself doing drama. And the industry was kind, but they said, 'Stay in your comedy lane'. Sometimes people want to leave you where they meet you. And I did what I normally do: I cry.

"And I told my mother and I said, 'Momma, don't you think I'm a good dramatic actress?' And she said 'Girl, I don't!'"

The 'When They See Us' star went on to add that her mother did encourage her to venture out of her comfort zone before thanking her wife as well as showrunner Ryan Murphy and co-star Evan Peters.

She added: "She said, 'But you can be! You find the best class in this town and I will work overtime to pay for it.' Thank you, momma. All you need is one! Thank you, Jessica. Thank you, Netflix. Baby, you picked me up when I was gutted from this work. Ryan Murphy, Evan Peters.

"And I share this award with Glenda Cleveland. On this night, we are fully seen. And finally, to everybody who doubted this black woman and told me what I couldn't do, I want to lovely and humbly say, 'In your face!"