Nicole Richie Sets Her Own Hair On Fire At Her 40th Birthday Party

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Nicole Richie Sets Her Own Hair On Fire At Her 40th Birthday Party

Nicole Richie may have wanted her 40th birthday party to be the hottest invitation in town, but we doubt she was expecting things to get quite so fiery.

The former star of The Simple Life managed to set her own hair on fire as she leaned over to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

Baby2Baby co-CEO Kelly Sawyer presented Richie with the cake, which featured a photograph of her as a child, while the group sang happy birthday at what looked like an al fresco dinner party, complete with pitchers of margarita.

As she leant forward, however, the tips of her curly blonde hair caught the candles and quickly went up in flames.

The Making the Cut judge - who boasts 10 million social media followers - posted a video of the incident on her Instagram, in which she and her friends can be seen frantically patting at her hair to extinguish the flames while shrieking.

Thankfully, the fire doesn’t seem to have done too much damage, as Richie jokingly commented under the video: ‘Well… so far, 40 is,’ followed by the flame emoji.

The Instagram video received comments from Amber Valetta, Kelly Rowland, Antoni Porowski, Ellen Pompeo, Big Freedia, Zooey Deschanel, Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer, among others.

Joel Madden, Richie's husband of a decade, teasingly quoted her The Simple Life co-star Paris Hilton's famous phrase: 'That's hot.'

Richie's friends and family cheered her up by posting Instagram tributes to the star, including sister Sofia Richie, who wrote: 'So lucky to call you my big sis. I love you beyond words.'

Father Lionel also posted a touching Insta shot, writing: 'You will always be my little girl, no matter how many birthdays we celebrate!'

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