Nicole Kidman wants to perform viral AMC ad with a drag queen: 'I’ve got to be able to do that'

Kidman said she adores seeing drag artists spoof the popular commercial.

Dazzling images don't just appear on a huge silver screen; they pop into Nicole Kidman's head — and sometimes involve drag queens — too.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed that she wants to perform her viral, often-quoted, regularly parodied 2021 AMC ad with one of the queer artists who've recreated the number.

“My dream will be to be onstage doing it with a drag queen,” she told Elle. "I’ve got to be able to do that at some point."

<p>AMC Theatres/Youtube; Producer Entertainment Group/PEG/Youtube</p> Nicole Kidman; Katya

AMC Theatres/Youtube; Producer Entertainment Group/PEG/Youtube

Nicole Kidman; Katya

Among many drag acts who've mounted satirical presentations of the commercial, popular Drag Race alum Katya filmed an entire spoof for her traveling tour with fellow queen Trixie Mattel. EW has reached out to Katya for comment.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kidman said she shot the commercial amid filming her 2021 movie Being the Ricardos to express "the desire to keep cinema alive," because she's "had the best experiences" in movie theaters.

All of the ad's spoofs — from Katya's parody to an entire Saturday Night Live short-form video — Kidman said she's taken it all in stride: “If that’s what it takes, I’ll do whatever it takes,” she told the publication with a laugh, before referencing the extension of her contract with the theater chain. "We have to have some more ideas for the next one."

Watch Katya's take on Kidman's AMC ad above.

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