Nicolas Cage found quarantine 'anxiety-inducing'

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Nicolas Cage found the experience of quarantine 'anxiety-inducing' and missed dining out at his favourite restaurants.

The Face/Off star will next be seen in the movie Pig, playing Rob, a truffle hunter living in the Oregon wilderness who returns to his hometown of Portland to find his stolen pet.

And speaking to GQ magazine, Cage opened up on how he was affected during the coronavirus lockdown, which stalled production on Hollywood movies for months.

"Quarantine was, for me, very anxiety-inducing because we didn't know where it would lead," he told the publication. "And I do enjoy food immensely. That's what I like to spend my money on, going to restaurants and talking to the chef. That's almost a spiritual part of my life.

"Which is another reason why I thought that Rob was a good part for me because of my genuine regard for chefs and what they can accomplish.

"The epicurean, culinary world has been very meaningful to me. It always came first-without the food, first, I couldn't enjoy the painting or enjoy the music. I put chefs at a very high level in the realm of art."

However, the 57-year-old admitted he was thankful to be close to his family, which includes his wife Riko, his sons Kal-El, 15, who he shares with his third wife Alice Kim, Weston, 30, by former partner Christina Fulton, and four grandchildren.

"...I did have my family and I did have my animals and caught up on a lot of viewing," he said. "I watched a lot of movies, which I think is among the best ways to say on point with the craft of film performance. So I got a lot done, but still, I did miss, 'Wow, they've got soft-shell crab, I really wish I could have that soft-shell crab and combine it with some nice bit of chardonnay.'"

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