Nicola Peltz gushes over 'soul sister' Selena Gomez

Nicola Peltz has detailed how she became close with Selena Gomez.

While speaking to Cosmopolitan for an interview published on Tuesday, the Bates Motel star shared how she and Selena formed a friendship.

"I had met her once in passing a few years ago, and then we all went to this event in September, the Academy Gala. We just clicked and had the best time," Nicola told the outlet. "And then we became super, super close. I feel like she's my soul sister."

She added, "I love her so much. She's truly one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my whole life. The kindest person ever.

"Truly, her heart is gold. I feel like I've known her forever."

The actress jokingly described herself, her husband Brooklyn Beckham, and Selena as a "throuple", saying, "We are all three best friends."

Nicola shared, "I think it really is so beautiful when you have girlfriends in your life who cheer you on. And if I'm just walking down the street and a girl is like, 'Oh my gosh, I love your outfit,' it means so much more than if a guy says it."

Interjecting "Ew, whatever" at the concept of a man complimenting her style, Nicola continued, "But when a girl compliments you, it's so much more special."

Elsewhere in the interview, Nicola spoke on how her sense of self-worth has influenced her previous relationships.

"I think growing up with six brothers, they've drilled into my brain, 'You're amazing. You're amazing,' especially with relationships. I've only had three boyfriends because I've always been standoffish until I really like someone," she shared. "My brothers were always like, 'No. You deserve better. You deserve better. You deserve better.'"