Nicola Peltz Beckham shares her 5 essential pieces of skincare advice

Cosmo cover star, Nicola Peltz Beckham has plenty of things to be envious of; she's besties with Selena Gomez, just directed her first film, smitten in love with her new hubby, and have you seen how many dogs she has? But let's just add to that list... her flawless skin.

So, when we asked what her five beauty essentials were, we weren't surprised to hear five undeniably wise pieces of skincare advice, rather than a list of products. This is a woman who believes in fundamentals people.

"My five beauty essentials would be...

  1. Drink as much water as you can. I know it's hard and not fun to do, but just drink it🚰

  2. Never sleep with make up, wash it off! 💦

  3. Always wear sunblock 🌞

  4. Get a really good serum, my favourite is the SkinCeuticals it's called Blemish +Age [Defence Corrective Serum], I'm obsessed with it 🧴

  5. Moisturise your face, the more the better, go to bed all moisturised 🛌

She also spilled her fave red carpet fashion and beauty looks, and one might surprise you; "I wore a black Givenchy dress with gloves, and I didn't have eyebrows and I liked it."

2nd annual academy museum gala arrivals
The 2nd Annual Academy Museum Gala in October 2022. Steve Granitz - Getty Images

We didn't have Nicola pegged as a naked brow babe, but looking back at the look's light skinny brow (more skimpy outfit than naked) we concur it's V cute.

We're now singing; "I didn't have eyebrows and I liked it" in our heads to the tune of Katy Perry's I kissed a Girl, and apologies because now you are too.

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