Nico Santos Returns to His Stand-Up Comedy Roots

We all could use a laugh right now.

Nico Santos has brought his brilliant comedic time to a slew of hit projects throughout the years including Superstore, Crazy Rich Asians, and more.

With both writers and actors in Hollywood currently on strike, most film and television sets are super quiet at the moment. As a result, celebs like Santos are getting creative with the extra free time on their hands.

Santos is returning back to the stage to headline a standup show this Thursday at Irvine Improv.

"My background is in stand-up comedy. I've been fortunate that I have been a working actor for the past seven, eight years, which is not an easy goal to achieve in this town. Now that some free time has opened up, let me get back on the stage and exercise these demons," Santos tells PRIDE.

Fans old and new can certainly expect plenty of hilarious jokes during Santos' set, but don't expect him to rely on his popular characters seen on TV.

"It's really about getting more personal on stage. If people only know me from what they've seen on television, then please come to a show where you can get to know me as a person. People come to see me expecting a certain persona because they only know me from the characters I've played."

Plus, the actor won't be holding back when it comes to naughty humor designed for adults to enjoy.

"[People] come to the show and they're like... 'Was he really talking about blowjobs and rimjobs?' Please don't bring your 12 or 13 year old to the show. Who I play on television is not who I am in real life! I'm going to talk about my real life on stage. I'm sorry you brought your daughter or son to my show. They just have to learn about the birds and the bees from me I guess."

Tickets to see Nico Santos at Irvine Improv this Thursday can be purchased here. To see the full interview, check out the video below.

Nico Santos Returns to His Stand-Up Comedy Roots