Nick Jonas having therapy after Roast special

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Nick Jonas is ready to be Roasted credit:Bang Showbiz
Nick Jonas is ready to be Roasted credit:Bang Showbiz

Nick Jonas is planning to see a therapist after the 'Jonas Brothers Family Roast'.

The 'Jealous' hitmaker and his siblings Joe and Kevin will be the subject of ridicule for a Netflix special next week and he joked he'll need to work through his feelings with a professional after being mocked for hours.

He said: "I definitely booked therapy for Monday morning."

Meanwhile, Joe is particularly worried about what his wife Sophie Turner has planned for the show.

Appearing on E! News' 'Daily Pop', Kevin said: "I've heard rumours of what Sophie has planned for you Joe and I don't even...

Joe added: "It's never good when comedians that are helping us and are part of it are coming up to me like, 'Oh man, good luck, brother.'

"I'm like, that's not what I want to hear before this thing!"

The 'Sucker' hitmakers will also roast one another, and they think Kevin in particular has been planning hard.

Joe said: "Kevin's flying straight out. I feel like whatever roast he has prepared must be really good because he's afraid to face us."

Nick insisted he isn't worried about what his brothers could say about him - but Joe warned him not to be complacent.

Nick said: "I can think of some things that they've done which have been disastrous, but I can't really think of anything in my life I've ever done that would be worth mentioning."

But his brother said: "I travel with a booklet of things that Nick did that I find hilarious. It's tragic, so if you want me to grab that just give me a minute, I'll go get it from the car."

Meanwhile, the trio are looking forward to a break next year - but reassured fans it won't be for long.

Nick said: "We have shows lined up before the holidays and then we'll see. I think we're all looking forward to a little time off. But certainly not a full break hiatus like the last time when we broke up."

However, they admitted that may change after the show.

Kevin quipped: "Talk to us after the show."

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