Nick Jonas Gushes About ‘Incredible’ Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner And Danielle Jonas

Katie O'Malley
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Need another reason to love the Jonas Brothers right now?

Well, almost a month after the boy band won the VMA award for ‘best pop’ for their hit single ‘Sucker’, Nick Jonas is crediting the leading women in the men’s lives for making the hit such a success.

‘We knew that context needed to be given about where we are now,’ the 26-year-old said in a new interview with Cigar Aficionado (yep, that's a publication).

‘And I think the biggest piece of that puzzle is those three incredible women who stand by our side. And they stole the show in our video.’

The trio’s wives – Priyanka Chopra Jones, Sophie Turner And Danielle Jonas – feature in the hit royal-inspired video, which has been viewed over 200 million times on YouTube.

In the video, the women wear an array of brightly-coloured ensembles including bright fuchsia-coloured tulle ballgowns and blue sequinned elbow-length gloves. They also take part in an Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party with their husbands and walk a pack of corgis, with the whole thing evoking serious The Favourite vibes, which dominated awards season around the time of the video's release.

While the band missed out on ‘video of the year’ at the VMAs, Nick said the musicians’ wives were the real winners on the night.

‘The ladies have to go up and accept it on our behalf, because they absolutely stole the show,’ he added.

Nick married actress Priyanka in December last year – a union which he says has given him a new understanding of the important things to prioritise in life.

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The band famously split in 2013 after older brother, Kevin, said he wanted to focus on his relationship with his wife, Danielle.

‘We were all just in different places,’ Nick told the publication about the time of the split.

‘Joe and I were not emotionally mature enough to understand that when you find your person, and you begin your life with that person, that takes priority over everything. It has to. It should.’

Earlier this summer, Joe married Game of Thrones actress Sophie in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas and a second nuptial in the south of France.

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