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Nice grass: Make neighbors jealous with this petite-yet-powerful lawn trimmer

The Black+Decker 6-pounder doubles as an edger, no bumps (or batteries) required. 'Lightweight for this senior lady,' said a fan.

As someone who lives in a city, I get extremely jealous of anyone with a lawn once spring and summer roll around. How nice to be able to plant flowers, let the dog frolic around, cut the grass ... okay, the last one seems like a chore. But it doesn't have to be — if your yard is smaller or you'd like to give touch-up trims without hauling out the big ol' lawnmower, the Black+Decker String Trimmer is your ticket to easy maintenance. Clocking in at just over six pounds, it's highly maneuverable and doubles as an edger for a perfectly manicured lawn. And for $52? Sure beats having to shell out for a professional mower.

Your overgrown yard will be the envy of the block, thanks to this small-yet-mighty grass-guzzler. 

  • Very lightweight...
  • Doesn't require batteries...
  • Automatically dispenses string...
  • ...but might feel short for some
  • ...but might need an extension cord
  • ...but you have to press the handle for it to stay on
$52 at Amazon
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$55 at Ace Hardware$54 at Acme Tools

If you've ever used a trimmer with a bump head, this one will be a step up. With bump head models, you have to literally "bump" the trimmer against the ground to release the string that cuts the grass. The Black+Decker String Trimmer uses Automatic Feed Spool technology that — as the name implies — automatically dispenses string so you can finish the job more quickly. Plus, you'll be able to focus on where you want to position the trimmer rather than trying to get it to work. (It's wide enough to plow a 14-inch path.)

Because it's corded (some reviewers recommend getting an extension cord if your yard is particularly large), you won't run out of battery in the middle of trimming, and it requires far less maintenance than gas-powered models. It's even equipped with a cord retention system that'll help prevent it from accidentally getting unplugged and disrupting your meticulous work.

Got weeds? This tool's 6.5-amp motor and Powerdrive Transmission are sufficient for slicing away at thick stalks, and with a simple rotation, it becomes an edger. Another cool feature? The extendable handle lets you adjust the height. Is there anything they haven't thought of?

The orange lawn trimmer on a purple background
What looks heavy-duty, weighs less than a cat and performs its job like a champ? Why, that would be this multitasking lawn trimmer. (Amazon)

Over 10,000 Amazon customers very "mulch" approve of the Black+Decker String Trimmer.

"The trimmer is very lightweight, but also powerful enough to get the job done efficiently," raved one shopper. " I was able to move around the yard and get all the edges ... even though it is a corded trimmer. I just had to move the cord, but that was fine because I always had power and did [not] need to worry about mixing gas, spilling gas when filling it up or running out of gas when making it around the yard. ... It was a lot less noisy than the gas trimmer."

"This B+D works fantastic with auto-feed and acts as an edger and trimmer," agreed another. "Both features work excellently and do a great job. To switch from trimmer to edger or vice versa is very easy and takes no time. I was surprised by how you can achieve a professional-looking lawn."

"Lightweight for this senior lady!" exclaimed a third. "Easy to assemble. I’m an almost-70-years-young lady and I love it! Lightweight and very easy to use. I consider a little yardwork as some of my exercising."

"Very pleasantly surprised [by] how great this works!" exclaimed a user. "I have a small yard, so it works perfectly for the space. I don’t know if this would be a great option for a large yard, considering it’s a corded item. I do wish it was a bit taller. I’m 5’4 and I do lean over a little when using it, especially when trying to edge."

"[I] have some big, thick weeds, and it worked just fine cutting them down," wrote a final fan. "Pretty lightweight. Only wish it had a button to keep it on instead of holding the handle on."

Any way you slice it, this gizmo is a cut above. 

$52 at Amazon
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$55 at Ace Hardware$54 at Acme Tools

And for tackling those extra-tough shrubs...

Pruning has never been so easy, thanks to this user-friendly chainsaw. It's powerful enough to take down tree branches, yet weighs less than 2.5 pounds — and since this No. 1 bestseller is cordless, you can take it into the woods and take care of business.

"This is a beast," declared an impressed user. "I probably got a minimum of an hour on one charge ... I'm almost 70 and a female and I had NO problem handling this little gem. I was so proud of all the gigantic limbs I was able to cut with NO help whatsoever."

$40 at Amazon

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