Next Level Chef viewers complain new Gordon Ramsay show is 'too American'

Next Level Chef stars Nyesha Arrington, Gordon Ramsay and Paul Ainsworth. (ITV)
Next Level Chef stars Nyesha Arrington, Gordon Ramsay and Paul Ainsworth. (ITV)

Gordon Ramsay has launched his latest cooking show, Next Level Chef, on ITV1, but many viewers had the same complaint about it.

The notoriously sweary chef was joined by co-hosts Paul Ainsworth and Nyesha Arrington in a contest that saw a mix of home cooks and pro chefs compete across a multi-level building with kitchens on each floor.

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But a common complaint from viewers was that the programme was a little too "American" for their tastes – which may be because Ramsay first launched it in the US in January 2022.

One Next Level Chef viewer tweeted: "This shows got a very ‘American’ feel to it!"

Gordon Ramsay puts on the pressure. (ITV)
Gordon Ramsay puts on the pressure. (ITV)

Someone else complained: "Far too fake American whoop whoop grab grab, I turned it off at the first adverts, shame cos @GordonRamsay is my fave tv chef."

Another person agreed: "It’s a bit yankee doodle dandy with all this whoop whoop and clapping b*******."

Someone else added: "The production on next level chef is very… American. That’s not a compliment."

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And another viewer predicted: "I get this programme has to be quick and dramatic but I think it’ll lose the UK audience because of it!"

But one person pointed out: "Why are people complaining about #NextLevelChef being too American? It originally came from America so of course it’s going to be American."

The show features a platform rising up through the building for each round, with the basement kitchen the most basic while the top floor has plenty of fancy equipment available to use.

Other viewers were more positive about the show and its new concept.

Someone tweeted: "#NextLevelChef is like a cross between MasterChef and the Netflix film The Platform. Great concept and a great way to prove that it isn't the tools that make a great craftsman but how they use them."

But someone else wrote: "It's like someone put MasterChef and The Crystal Maze in a blender."