The next League spinoff is a farming sim from the Graveyard Keeper devs

 Bandle Tale
Bandle Tale

The wildly unpredictable spinoff publishers over at Riot Forge have got something new for you—Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story will be a crafting RPG inspired by games like Stardew Valley that stars the adorable fluffballs known as the Yordles, set in their hometown of Bandle City. It'll be developed by Lazy Bear, the studio behind Graveyard Keeper and Punch Club, with adorably colorful pixel art to match.

"After a party goes wrong, the portals that connect your home collapse and throw everything into chaos! Using your knitting magic and backpack house, restore the portals to reunite Bandle City," says the game description.

Players will be in charge of a Yordle who has just finished their 101-year apprenticeship in knitting, which I guess is magic in Bandle City, whose excitement at exploring the larger world of Bandle City is interrupted by the aforementioned magical portal collapse.

The main character of Bandle Tale will explore the mysterious and otherworldly environs of Bandle City to craft and solve problems for its denizens, including well-known League of Legends characters like Teemo, Lulu, Tristana, and Veigar.

This is of course the same fantasy world as, for example, hit League of Legends series Arcane. But note that the Yordles have always been a kind of, not joke character, but comedic relief of a kind. They're immortal fey pranksters with a devil-may-care attitude who live for fun. Naturally, then, throwing great parties is a key facet of Bandle Tale that'll require you to make good food and cool gadgets to entertain your guests.

You can find Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story on Epic and Steam.

Lazy Bear Games also announced Bloomtown: A Different Story earlier this summer. It's somewhere between Persona and Stardew Valley—a creature-collecting social RPG set to release next year.