Next-Gen Aston Martin DB Teased ahead of May 24 Reveal

next gen aston martin db front teaser
New Aston Martin DB Teased before May 24 DebutAston Martin
  • Aston Martin has released three teaser photos of the successor to the DB11, which will be revealed on May 24.

  • The shrouded images show the front of the next-gen DB, the side profile, and the new infotainment system.

  • Aston filed a trademark in the U.S. for the nameplate "DB12," suggesting that will be the next-gen car's name.

The world is getting a sneak peek at the successor to the Aston Martin DB11, with the British automaker today releasing three teaser photos of the next-generation sports car, which is set to be fully revealed on May 24.

The partially shrouded photo above gives us a glimpse at the new DB's headlights and hood. Aston Martin's recently revised wing logo can be seen affixed to the car's nose. Squint a little and parts of the grille are also visible with what appear to be six horizontal bars.

Side Show

Aston also released a photo teasing the next-gen DB's side profile (seen below). The long hood flows into a steeply raked windshield. Its uninterrupted line suggests this model is the coupe, but a convertible version known as the Volante will also likely be offered. The car's paint color appears to be an unspecified shade of green, and the gigantic wheels are coated in what looks like some type of bronze. It's a handsome pairing to be sure.

aston martin next gen db teaser side profile
Aston Martin

Next-Gen Infotainment

Early last year, Aston Martin chairman Lawrence Stroll was reported as saying the company's next generation of cars would undergo big changes, including a new infotainment system. He wasn't joking, as the setup shown in the photo below gives a good view of the updated interface, which is integrated into an angled center stack that also houses the HVAC controls and other switchgear.

aston martin next gen db infotainment system
Aston Martin

Along with rollers to control the temperature for the dual climate zones and fan speed, there's also one for the stereo volume. Surrounding the stubby gear selector and prominent engine start-stop switch are buttons that reveal some of the next-gen DB's features. The list includes heated and ventilated seats, adjustable dampers and exhaust settings, and driver-assistance tech such as a surround-view camera system, lane-keeping assist, and parking sensors.

What's Its Real Name?

While Aston has yet to reveal the name of the DB11's successor, there's a chance it could be called the DB12. That speculation is fueled by a trademark application the company filed for the nameplate with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. What will the car's real name be? We'll all likely just have to stay tuned until Aston reveals the next-gen DB on May 24.

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