News Quiz of the Week: How much can you remember?

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer
·1-min read
News Quiz of the Week: How much can you remember?

It’s been another big week in the news, with Christmas rules dominating the government agenda and the headlines.

As well as finding out what we can and can’t do over the festive break, Brexit was nearly done – until trade talks continued.

Elsewhere, COVID vaccinations rolled on – with some celebrities pictured getting the jab, while Harry and Meghan continue to build a media empire.

But how many stories have you been aware of and how many have failed to register?

Test your knowledge of current affairs around the globe with Yahoo’s news quiz of the week.

Our 15-question multiple-choice quiz will see how many of the big stories of the week you remember – and how many passed you by.

* Can’t get enough trivia action? Check out our dedicated Yahoo Quizzes page for more brainteasers! *

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