A New Sex Gadget For Erectile Dysfunction Could Be Available On The NHS


A new sex gadget to help men beat erectile dysfunction and maintain an erection for up to 12 hours could be available on the NHS within a few years.

The ‘Stays-Hard’ helps men maintain an erection, even after ejaculation, according to its creators.

The device, developed with the help of urologists and Professor Peter Ford of De Montfort University, took five years of research, and the company behind it is now in talks with the NHS to make it available on prescription.


Millions of men - the Stays-Hard is aimed at anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction (Picture: SWNS)

Tyna International Limited founder Richard Wylie, who suffers from erectile dysfunction himself, said the Stays-Hard had been created for the millions of men in the same position.

A former non-medical partner at a Harley Street clinic, he said: “Erectile dysfunction is a nightmare situation. When a man loses potency, it’s like he loses his life.

“Many men decide not to do anything about it. They don’t want to talk about it and their wives or partners think it’s their fault. If untreated it can lead to the break-up of marriages and relationships.

"Stays-Hard has been created for all the millions of guys out there who have got problems. It was patented with them in mind.”


Simple - the gadget is made from spring steel

The first of its kind in the UK, the gadget is safe to use with condoms and other varieties of contraceptive, and can be fitted by either partner in seconds.

It is targeted at men aged in their 40s to 60s, but could also help the estimated 7% of men in their 20s and 11% in their 30s who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

A series of successful case studies in men of all ages showed its ability to maintain a pain-free erection “indefinitely”, even after ejaculation.


Team effort - the device can be fitted by either partner in seconds

The £40 product, made from spring steel and a medical grade thermoplastic tubing, was shortlisted as a finalist for this year’s Virgin Media VOOM award.

Mr Wylie, 70, added: “This is the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve used it myself and I wouldn’t back any product I didn’t fully believe in. It’s fantastically simple and effective, and essentially promotes relationship harmony.

"It can be used by any man with an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, diabetes, heart problems or those who are, perhaps, back in the dating game and simply nervous.”

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