New cashless Monopoly will stop players from cheating

Caroline Allen
Hasbro's new version of the classic game waves goodbye to cash. [Photo: Hasbro]

The latest version of Monopoly is a cheater’s worst nightmare.

The game has ditched physical money altogether and now has a voice-activated banker to avoid any miscalculations.

By handing the role of banker over to the board, it means that nobody will be in charge of the money throughout.

It also means you can’t “accidentally” pick up more money than you should when you go past go.

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The black top hat should be placed in the middle of the board and will act as an impartial games master.

It will manage your money, sort out your real estate, pay rent and even draw your chance cards for you.

The biggest overhaul of all? There’s no more cash.

Unsurprisingly, the internet has had a reaction to the changes.

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“Monopoly without cheating is no fun.” One disgruntled board game lover wrote.

Another wrote: “I only win when I’m the banker.”

It opened up a wider question about whether Monopoly is ahead of the curve in a move towards a cashless society, but it seems lovers of the traditional game aren’t happy that there will be no more haggling.

Of course, you could always stick to playing the original and it seems many of us will be exercising our right to do so.

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One tweet said: “I’ll be 6 feet under before I let a robot dictate whether I get my £200 for passing go.”

Another wrote: “Did you even play Monopoly if the game didn’t get interrupted by a 10-minute argument because the banker slipped themselves a couple of 500 bills on the low?”

The answer to that question is, of course, no you did not.

The new version of the game isn’t out until August, so there’s time to adjust, and, it’ll cost £29.99, an average of £10 more than the original.

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