Never Ruin Yolks Again With This Easy Egg-Flipping Trick

Eggs frying in a frying pan
Eggs frying in a frying pan - Gmvozd/Getty Images

When it comes to the spatula, some of us are just not as naturally gifted at using this kitchen tool as others. It looks so easy, but sometimes when you reach with it into your frying pan to flip a fried egg, the yolk ends up a runny misshaped mess. And forget those people who can do the flip with a shake of the pan, because they've clearly been watching Penn and Teller too much. For all those who are egg-flipping challenged, we see you. But luckily, TikTok has offered a remedy for this all-too-common problem -- and for those of us who lack skill, it's an egg saver.

Once your eggs are ready to flip, instead of using your spatula, break out the lid that you would normally cover your skillet with and gently slide your eggs, so they are yolk side up into the lid. Next, take your warm skillet -- and be careful not to burn yourself -- and flip it so the hot bottom is facing up. Place the bowl side of the skillet over the lid and flip the lid and skillet so they are right side up and place back on the stove to finish cooking.

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Choose Your Lid Carefully

Skillet and lid
Skillet and lid - New Africa/Shutterstock

This hack works best if you put a little non-stick spray on the lid to ensure your half-cooked eggs don't stick to it during the flipping process. Of course, if your eggs are stuck to the skillet and won't go into the lid, don't force it. You need to let them cook a little longer. You can use this egg flipping trick to flip multiple eggs at once, which comes in handy when you are making egg sandwiches for the family in the morning and you are short on time. This hack works especially well when you are making eggs over easy, fried eggs, and even omelets.

Also, a tip to the wise, size matters. Pay attention to the size of the lid you pull out of your kitchen cabinets. If it is too small, you are bound to end up with messy eggs. But if your lid is too large, it may be difficult to handle.

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