Netflix's You viewers are all saying the same thing about Nadia

Contains spoilers for You season four

If you're anything like us then you will have raced through the second part of You season four which dropped on Netflix last week (9th March). The season finale saw more deaths, Marianne (Tati Gabrielle) escaping and a rather unsatisfactory ending for Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), and viewers are not happy about it.

To recap; after discovering Jonathan/Joe (Penn Badgely) is in fact the Eat The Rich Killer and keeping Marienne locked up in a glass cage, Nadia is determined to set Marienne free and prove Jonathan is the Eat The Rich Killer. Whilst she succeeds in the first half, with Marienne escaping and reuniting with her daughter, she fails at proving Jonathan is the killer.

netflix viewers have same response to nadia in you

Nadia, with her boyfriend Edward keeping watch, sneaks into Jonathan's flat in order to find evidence he is the killer. She finds it, but as she leaves she runs into Jonathan who has killed Edward. Jonathan places the knife he killed Edward with in Nadia's hand, telling her he will be pinning all the murders on her. At the end of the episode Joe's voiceover tells us Nadia is in jail and refused to speak out for herself.

Yep, we were pretty gutted about Nadia's ending, and so too were many viewers who have shared their feelings on Twitter.

One person tweeted:"Finished the last episode of YOU i-???? NADIA NOOOO #YouNetflix."

Another agreed saying: "I’m so heartbroken that Nadia was the one who helped Marianne escape, but Nadia was the one who went down for it #YouNetflix #YOU."

And another said: "Nadia’s ending was so sad but so clever of the writers. Previous seasons Joe has like an underdog character he cares about and eventually looks after. What he did to Nadia shows that he has crossed fully and there is no more ‘good’ Joe. No longer a Joe to root for."

We couldn't agree more. Don't mind us whilst we cry for Nadia in jail.

You season four is available on Netflix now

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