Netflix's You viewers point out Lady Phoebe plot hole in season 4

You season four might've come to an end with part two landing on Netflix last week [8th March], but viewers still have a big unanswered question around Lady Phoebe and Joe Goldberg/Jonathan Moore.

*Spoilers* The You season four part two finale revealed Joe Goldberg was in fact the Eat The Rich Killer, with Rhys Montrose acting as a figment of his imagination, after the psychopath failed to reinvent himself or shake his murderous ways.

The final episode saw him returning to New York with Kate, seemingly outrunning his dark past, before viewers join Lady Phoebe teaching English in Asia. While both characters appear to get their happy ending, there is one big unanswered question fans are pointing out.

netflix's you viewers point out lady phoebe plot hole in season 4

In the first episode, Joe manages to infiltrate Phoebe's wealthy London friendship group, joining them on a night out at a posh members club. What what exactly did he say to her to make her warm to him so much?

As one fan put it, "BUT THE REAL MYSTERY IS WHAT JOE SAID TO LADY PHOEBE #YouSeason4 #YouNetflix"

Another said, "I'm glad the shows is over and I'm fairly satisfied with the ending. But imma need a whole other season Netflix to find out what this mf Joe said to Phoebe in order to infiltrate her friend group of millionaires. #YouNetflix #YouSeason4 #YOU"

While a third added, "WHAT DID JOE SAY TO PHOEBE WHEN HE WAS DRUNK???? #YouNetflix" and "What do you think Joe told Lady Phoebe that first night? #YouNetflix"

"@YouNetflix@netflix We demand to know what Joe told Lady Phoebe to change her world #YouNetflix"

We need answers.

You season 4 part 1 and 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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