Netflix's You Season 3 – the best fan reactions

Photo credit: You Season 3 - Netflix
Photo credit: You Season 3 - Netflix

You season three landed on Netflix on just a couple of days ago, and if you're anything like us, you've probably binged it already. We can't get enough of season three and we're still reeling from everything that happened – because let's face it, there's a lot to unpack.

From Candace to Beck, Karen to Love, and now Natalie to Marienne. In a total of 30 episodes a lot happened within the realms of Joe Goldberg's life, but in the space of the most recent 10 episodes– more happened than you could have ever imagined. So, let us clue you in...

*PSA: spoilers ahead*

A lot happened in season three. From Joe and Love getting married, to them welcoming their new son (even though Joe was desperate for a daughter), Joe falling for the neighbour, Love opening a bakery, combined with countless murders, and an ending you would have never expected – season three IS a wild ride.

Fans of the show, who have already binged all 10 episodes (yep, guilty as charged), are now trying to unpick everything while wishing there was more to binge. To fill the void of Joe, Love, Marienne and baby Henry, we're all debriefing in the only way we know how. Memes, tweets and hot takes.

Here's the lowdown of You S3 – in tweets of course

Everyone thought Natalie was the new Beck

When Joe realised Love had given birth to a baby boy

When Love was more impulsive than Joe.. and we defended him?

We were all lowkey rooting for Joe and Love

Sherry grew on us

We knew Marienne deserved better

But when she kissed Joe... we got feels

The ending left us shook

We've got high hopes for S4

We are so happy that You has been renewed for season four. BRB, just going to rewatch every single episode again, from season one to season three. We're obsessed, okay?

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