Netflix's Firefly Lane: Viewers saying same thing about highly-anticipated season two

Firefly Lane made its return to Netflix this week with its highly-anticipated second season - and fans are all saying the same thing about Kate.

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The series stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke as long-term besties Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey as they navigate life, love and friendship.

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Season one ended on a major cliffhanger which saw Kate turn Tully away from her father's funeral and cut contact with her. Fans were left in the dark about why the pair had fallen out until the new episodes dropped on Netflix.

Spoiler alert!

In season two, it was revealed that Kate's daughter, Marah, was badly injured in a car accident while under Tully's care. The talk show host, who had had a few wines before picking Marah up from a fraternity party, was turning at a green light when she was hit by an oncoming car that ran a red light. Tully was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence.

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Taking to Twitter, fans of the show sided with Tully, suggesting that Kate was wrong to blame her for the accident. One person wrote: "I'm still a little confused by Kate. Not excusing Tully but the crash was categorically not her fault and no one died? Like you can't give her an ounce of grace? She's always so harsh," while another added: "On episode nine and Kate seriously needs to stop blaming Tully for the accident. The person that hit her in the intersection is at fault and even pleaded guilty."


Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke as Tully and Kate

A third person commented: "Tully has always been there more for Kate than Kate her. There was no reason to be angry at her for so long, even Marah forgave Tully."

Other viewers took to Twitter to praise the new season, with one person tweeting: "Firefly lane is one of the best shows on Netflix I’ve waited so long for season two and it did NOT disappoint," while another added: "Oohhh, this second season is soooo good."

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