Netflix's Emily In Paris fans spot season 3 continuity error

emily in paris fans spot continuity error
Netflix's Emily In Paris fans spot season 3 errorNetflix

If, like us, you spent the whole of December waiting for season 3 of Emily in Paris to drop, only to then binge it all in one night, you've probably (like us) watched the whole thing again since. Are we right?

Whether it was to pick up on bits you might have missed, gush at all the *incredible* outfits, or just daydream about living in the city of love, chances are, this excessive watching also caused you to catch the continuity error that fans have become obsessed with. Are we right again?

emily in paris fans spot continuity error

For those who are wondering what on earth are we on about, here's the thing: it seems the Eiffel Tower magically moved in the third episode, 'Coo D'Etat'.

A TikTok user originally pointed out the error last month, highlighting the scene where Emily (Lily Collins) visits Madeline (Kate Walsh) in her apartment where she intends to tell her that she's leaving the Gilbert Group to join Sylvie's new agency with Luc and Julien.

As Emily stands by the window, she looks out at the mesmerising panoramic view of Paris - the famous landmark notably on her left-hand side in the shot. However, as she gets closer to the window, the Eiffel Tower disappears from sight, only to then reappear on the right-hand side of the screen.

Since the mistake has been spotted, over 24,000 Emily Cooper fans have liked the video, and it's been watched over 800,000 times. Many have left comments, too - both joke ones and relief ones - with one user typing: "You didn't know? Paris has two Eiffel Towers!" as another said: "OMG I was waiting for someone to mention it."

emily in paris fans spot continuity error

Other eagle-eyed fans came out in full force to suggest that maybe it wasn't actually a mistake, but instead something to do with a mirror. ICYMI, as Emily walks to the window, a large mirror can be seen hanging on the wall to the left, so maybe the moving Eiffel Tower is actually a reflection?

"It’s because there is a mirror on the left side," one fan said, as another backed them up, writing: "Because it’s a mirror on a wall above a side table."

Regardless of whether it moved or not, we know where we'd rather be!

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