Netflix’s Woman of the Dead fans are all agreeing on this one thing about the series

*Spoilers alert*

If you haven't watched Netflix's Woman of the Dead yet, then the only question we have for you is why the hell not? The Austrian crime-mystery-drama series - whatever you want to call it - dropped on the streaming platform on January 5th and follows protagonist, Brünhilde Blum, a funeral parlour director seeking justice and revenge for the murder of her husband.

While it's only been available for a short period of time, many fans can't get enough of the series and have since taken to social media to share with the world just how hooked they are. Not to mention how they're recommending it as one of their fave shows of the year so far.

netflix's woman of the dead

"Woman of the Dead on Netflix is 10/10," one viewer typed, as another solidly agreed, writing: "Woman of the Dead is a v amazing series."

"Watching Woman of the Dead and I'm already hooked," another gushed, as someone else said: "Watched another show today. So many unexpected twists! I really liked how everything got revealed towards the end... great show from Austria. Woman of the Dead."

For some context, the series does have a lot of twists and turns - mainly the fact that Brünhilde does not anticipate the reason behind her husband's death, and why so many people were out to silence him.

But if you want to know exactly what happens, there's only one way to find out, right?

Complete with lots of *gasp* moments, gore, and a talented set of actors, Woman of the Dead definitely deserves the acclaim it's getting.

You can catch the six available episodes on Netflix now.

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