Netflix just accidentally revealed some huge news on The Sandman season two

The Sandman has been a huge hit with viewers since season one of the fantasy drama dropped on Netflix earlier this month.

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And now, it seems that those speculating about season two can rest easy as the bosses behind the show have just inadvertently revealed that there is more of the fantasy drama show on the way! Let us explain...

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In the latest episode of I Like To Watch, a reaction show on the streaming site's official Still Watching YouTube channel, drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova sat down to give the new series a try. However, viewers were left shocked as the pair began to discuss moments which have not appeared in the ten-episode first season of the show.

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The two former RuPaul's Drag Race stars commented on scenes that may have been cut out of season one, or, more likely, are set to feature in season two. These include huge CGI cats using humans as their playthings and Tom Sturridge's titular character reuniting with his former love.

The Sandman: Netflix just accidentally revealed some huge news on season two
The Sandman: Netflix just accidentally revealed some huge news on season two

Have you been watching the series on Netflix?

However, not long after the video was released, it was made private, suggesting that Netflix bosses didn't mean to reveal the fact that more episodes of the hit fantasy drama have already been shot and edited.

The fact that the scenes come from the 17th and 18th issues of the Neil Gaiman comic that the show is based on, titled A Dream of a Thousand Cats and Calliope, respectively, seems to suggest that they will feature in season two of the drama. As fans will know, the first instalment of the show only covered the first 16 issues of the sprawling 75-part graphic novel series.


Unaired scenes were accidentally leaked on YouTube

Nevertheless, fans were desperate to find out more and so took to Twitter in their droves to question when they could watch the unaired scenes.

One wrote: "@Netflix_Sandman are there two secret episodes??? I just watched @trixiemattel and @katya_zamo (I love you both btw) on I Like to Watch and they ended with the Cats story and Calliope's story from the comics???????"

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Another added: "Trixie and Katya saw Dream of a Thousand Cats, WE KNOW THERE'S A BONUS EPISODE SOMEWHERE!" while a third lamented: "Wasnt quick enough to watch Trixie and Katya react to Sandman and apparently there was unreleased footage there... THE UNIVERSE HATES ME??? MAYBE SO"

It comes after showrunner Allan Heinberg teased that plenty of extra material had been filmed for the show. "It would have been too long – we got a little greedy in the shooting of it," he told before adding: "Some of them, I think, will be available after we air [season one]."

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