A reminder of everything that happened in Netflix's You season 3

Calling all fans of Netflix's You: If you feel like you need a recap of season 3 ahead of season 4, here's everything you need to know.

We couldn't be more excited for the new season of You. Arriving on the streaming platform on 9th February - conveniently coinciding with the lead-up to Valentine's Day - we've not got long to binge season 3 again to get us in the mood.

But for those who don't have time to circle back, not to worry. Because we've done it for you, and provided the ultimate recap of the last series so you can dive into the fourth fully caught up...

Netflix's You season 3 recap

Joe covers up Ryan's murder

The final ep of season three begins with Joe trying to hide the evidence from Ryan's bloody murder. Marienne - Joe's library crush and secret girlfriend - begins to message about the death of her ex, but Joe has other problems to worry about.

In the midst of all this, Love insists she still wants to have another baby. While he hugs Love and fakes a smile, he's actually planning on leaving her. Whether Marienne goes with him is another question...

What happens with Ryan's murder?

Marienne tells Joe that the police are concluding that Ryan was stabbed by a mugger. This doesn't quite add up though, as why would a mugger stab someone multiple times but not take anything from the victim?

It seems that this is the end of Ryan's story, as the show moves on to Marienne wondering whether Joe wants to be with her. Heads up - the pair do eventually exchange emotional "I love yous."

Does Love find out about Joe's affair?

Love ends up finding the bloody rags and pieces together that Joe is responsible for killing Ryan. Plus, she knows he's been having an affair with Marienne.

Obviously seething, Love confronts Joe and asks whether he is in love with her. After a heated argument, he suggests they should get a divorce. Baby Henry, their son, then cries, distracting the conversation.

In a dramatic turn of events, Love poisons Joe and he collapses on the floor. She then leaves as he lies there, deciding to "save their marriage." Matthew, the couple's neighbour, then comes in to confront Joe, who finds out Theo (his son) is in hospital, after checking Joe's phone whilst he's "paralysed".

Love then picks up Henry and asks Marienne over to chat. Expecting a casual talk, Love reveals she knows about the affair and tells her that it was Joe who killed Ryan.

During this confrontation, Juliette, Marienne's daughter, walks in and ultimately saves her mother from Love's murderous rage, and the two run away. Is that the last we'll see of them though?

What happens to Joe and Love?

OK, you probably weren't expecting what happens next. As Love heads back to confront Joe, she comes at him with a knife. However, Joe injects Love with the drug that she intended for him and paralyses her instead.

Turns out that Joe had expected everything that happened, and swapped the Aconite for adrenaline just before Love "poisoned" him.

As Love sinks further into paralysis, she tells Joe that she thinks they're good together, but not good for their son, Henry. Joe begins to realise she is right, and so writes a note to explain why he is abandoning him. Later that night, he goes over to Dante's house and leaves Henry there, knocking on the door and then leaving.

Returning home after leaving his son, Joe sets up the perfect crime scene to make the death of Love look like an accident. He even cuts off two of his toes to make it look like the couple had a massive fight.

He also burns their photo albums and turns on the gas so the house sets ablaze and leaves Love on the floor. His idea? To make it look as though love has killed Joe...

How does season 3 of Netflix's You end?

The finale shows Matthew and Theo rekindling their father-son relationship as Theo leaves the hospital in full health. We also see Dante winning custody of little Henry.

Joe is seen to be living life in Paris now, and whilst there, a young woman and her daughter show up in a bar. Content it's not Marienne and Juliette, Joe continues his quest to find his one "true love."

OK, season four can't come quick enough now!

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