Netflix fans have a theory as to why Henry Cavill is leaving The Witcher

Netflix fans have a theory as to why Henry Cavill is leaving The Witcher

Over the weekend The Witcher fans were devastated to learn Henry Cavill would not be returning to the show for season four. Instead, Liam Hemsworth will be taking on the iconic role of Geralt of Rivia after season three ends.

In a statement released by Netflix on 29th October, Henry Cavill said he would be ending his time on the show after the third season, which will be released in summer next year, and wished Liam good luck with the role.

He said: "My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventures, and alas, I will be laying down my medallion and my swords for season four. In my stead, the fantastic Mr. Liam Hemsworth will be taking up the mantle of the White Wolf.

"As with the greatest of literary characters, I pass the torch with reverence for the time spent embodying Geralt and enthusiasm to see Liam's take on this most fascinating and nuanced of men. Liam, good sir, this character has such a wonderful depth to him, enjoy diving in and seeing what you can find.”

why is henry cavill leaving the witcher netflix fans have a theory
Susie Allnutt - Netflix

Liam also shared the news and said he was thrilled to be taking on the role, "As a Witcher fan I’m over the moon about the opportunity to play Geralt of Rivia," he said.

He continued: “Henry Cavill has been an incredible Geralt, and I’m honoured that he’s handing me the reins and allowing me to take up the White Wolf’s blades for the next chapter of his adventure. Henry, I’ve been a fan of yours for years and was inspired by what you brought to this beloved character. I may have some big boots to fill, but I’m truly excited to be stepping into The Witcher world.”

why is henry cavill leaving the witcher netflix fans have a theory
Liam Hemsworth will take on the role of GeraltVALERIE MACON - Getty Images

Following the news, many fans took to Twitter to congratulate Liam on his role and expressed their sadness of Henry leaving.

Many also theorised as to why Henry was leaving the show with some believing it is because he is going to focus on a reprising his role for a new Superman film.

Last week Henry teased fans by sharing an image of himself as Superman on Instagram with the caption: "A very small taste of what’s to come, my friends. The dawn of hope renewed. Thank you for your patience, it will be rewarded."

So far, a new Superman film has not been confirmed. However, some fans believe it is not a scheduling conflict with a Superman film, but instead due to a conflict between Henry and the show-runners of The Witcher.

Some fans on Twitter have suggested whilst Henry has always wanted to remain close to novels The Witcher is inspired by, a series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski, the show-runners aren't as keen on keeping to the source material.

One person tweeted: "Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher after begging Netflix for the role and being the biggest fan of the franchise is making the report that the writers hate the books seem more and more plausible. They chased that man away from the series. This is sick."

Another said: "This isn't about Superman, he's said he'd do both. This is probably a decision based on the show-runners open disdain for the books, games, and the fans themselves, while Henry himself loves Geralt and the books, they obviously don't care about the world in the same way he does."

why is henry cavill leaving the witcher netflix fans have a theory
Jay Maidment - Netflix

Henry Cavill has previously spoken about keeping the Netflix series as close to the books as possible, "As far as the preparation goes, coming into this, I wanted the character to have a closer relationship to the character in the books, I wanted him to be more book accurate," he said in an interview with Hardware Zone.

He continued: "And so it was more to do with making sure and campaigning for him to sound more intellectual, more philosophical, and to have an emotional side as well, rather than just be a grumpy snowman. Every day I was pushing this stuff as far as prep goes."

A former The Witcher producer, Beau DeMayo, claimed the show writers disliked the original source material for the series.

Speaking on an Instagram Q&A session he said: "I've been on show - namely The Witcher - where some of the writers were not or actively disliked the books and games (even actively mocking the source material.) It's a recipe for disaster and bad morale."

Netflix and Henry Cavill have been reached out to for comment.

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