Netflix fans are divided over new series The Woods

Rebecca Calderwood
Photo credit: Netflix

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  • Netflix's new six-part series The Woods dropped on the streaming service last night - and viewers are completely divided.
  • The Polish drama, which is based on the Harlan Coben novel, is set across 25 years.

New six-part thriller The Woods has officially landed on Netflix - and it seems it's already divided a lot of opinion.

Based on the novel by Harlan Coben, the Polish series focuses on a Warsaw prosecutor who learns that his sister, who went missing more than two decades earlier, could still be alive.

And if you're wondering where you may have heard Harlan's name before, it's the same man who created The Stranger and Safe.

The synopsis explains: "As hope rises that his sister could still be alive, dangerous secrets from his family’s past threaten to tear apart everything that Pawel has been trying to hold together."

Despite Harlan's previous amazing work, some fans just aren't feeling the new release. Here's what they had to say:

Some complained the dubbed version wasn't great.

Although others were clearly loving it.

Harlan himself previously urged fans to use subtitles while watching the series. "Netflix gives you the choice to watch The Woods dubbed or subtitled,” he wrote on Twitter, adding, "I urge you to use subtitles, you do you. Rock on.”

And while season two hasn't been confirmed yet, it's clear there's definitely room for more.

We're definitely tuning in!

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