Netflix fans are calling out the show Echoes for the same reason

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

As well as leaving fans with a lot of questions, new crime thriller Echoes on Netflix has also sparked some complaints on social media - particularly about the setting of the last episode.

If you're after a new show to binge-watch this bank holiday weekend, look no further than Echoes. The seven part limited series follows twins Leni and Gina, who swap lives on their birthday every year. But when one of them goes missing, their lives and secrets begin to unravel.

While many people have given the show rave reviews, and it's shot straight into the platform's Top 10 Most Watched, some viewers *do* have a bone to pick about the last episode.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

*Spoilers* In it, Gina and Leni (who are both alive, btw) are seen running from their childhood home which is on fire, before having an argument on a cliff in front of a waterfall. Fans have called the whole thing out, thanks to the fact they think a green screen was used to create the setting.

As one person put it, "The green screen scene at the water in episode 7 is.. #Echoes #EchoesNetflix." Another put, "Echoes was fire until the last episode green screen debacle. No way they couldn’t have filmed that better. Totally ruined the drama."

Someone else wrote, "Echoes was such a good show until you get to the episode where they used the green screen…"

C'mon Netflix!

Echoes is now streaming on Netflix.

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