Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin prequel has a trailer, and it looks epic

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Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin prequel has a trailer, and it looks epic

Back in July 2020, fans of Netflix's The Witcher were happy to hear there's going to be even more fantasy epic-ness coming their way as the streaming giant announced that a prequel is in development.

The new project, titled The Witcher: Blood Origin, will be set 1,200 years before The Witcher and will form a six-episode miniseries. Here's what else we know about Blood Origin so far:

Is there a trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin?

Netflix treated us to a post-credits teaser trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin back in December, and it looks like it's going to be epic.

Expect more amazing scenery, more gripping sword fights, and *lots* more impressive hair and make-up...

On top of that, Netflix has released a behind-the-scenes tour of the Blood Origin set, led by showrunner Declan de Barra, featuring the cast sitting down for an actual table read of the script. Exciting!

When will The Witcher: Blood Origin be released?

We don't have an official release date for Blood Origin *just* yet. However, it's good news for fans - as the prequel is officially coming this year.

Netflix has confirmed that The Witcher: Blood Origin will be released on the platform in 2022, so we know to expect it at some point over the next 12 months.

Who will star in The Witcher: Blood Origin?

Thanks to the new trailer, we've seen an exciting preview of the new cast members for Blood Origin in action.

Sophia Brown has now been confirmed to play Éile, after Jodie Turner-Smith sadly had to exit the series in April following a scheduling conflict. According to Variety, Éile is "an elite warrior who is blessed with the voice of a goddess. She has left her clan and position as a queen’s guardian to follow her heart as a nomadic musician. A grand reckoning on the Continent forces her to return to the way of the blade in her quest for vengeance and redemption."

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Shang-Chi star Michelle Yeoh will be playing Scían, the last member of a nomadic tribe of sword-elves. Other exciting cast members include It's A Sin's Nathaniel Curtis, Black Books' Dylan Moran, and Sir Lenny Henry, according to Digital Spy.

In March, Netflix announced Vikings actor Laurence O'Fuarain had been cast in the role of Fjall. Netflix's character description reads: "Born into a clan of warriors sworn to protect a King, Fjall carries a deep scar within, the death of a loved one who fell in battle trying to save him. A scar that won't let him settle, or make peace with himself or the world around him. In his quest for redemption, Fjall will find himself fighting beside the most unlikely of allies as he carves a path of vengeance across a continent in turmoil."

Unfortunately, as Blood Origin takes place over 1,000 years before the events of The Witcher, none of the series' current cast members are set to appear - including Henry Cavill's Geralt of Rivia.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

What will Blood Origin be about?

The official Netflix synopsis reads: "Blood Origin will tell a story lost to time - the origin of the very first Witcher, and the events that lead to the pivotal 'conjunction of the spheres,' when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one."

Discussing the series during the Blood Origin set tour (watch the video above), show runner Declan de Barra explained, "So the fun thing about Blood Origin is that we get to tell the story of what happened before the books, before the Conjunction of the Spheres, the big calamitous event that happened that merged the world of monsters and men.

"And that is going to be the world of The Witcher: Blood Origin, and we can't wait for you to see it."

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Lauren Schmidt, who acted as executive producer on season of The Witcher, will return in the same role. Speaking about the new project, she said: "I am so thrilled to collaborate with Declan and the Netflix team on The Witcher: Blood Origin. It’s an exciting challenge to explore and expand The Witcher universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski, and we can’t wait to introduce fans to new characters and an original story that will enrich our magical, mythical world even more."

The Witcher writer Andrzej will also serve as creative consultant on the series.

Sounds exciting, right?

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