'There needs to be a conversation about royal spending'

Every June, a full report on royal finances is published - but republicans often think it doesn't ring true. Republic, a group that campaigns for a democratic alternative to the monarchy, says the actual cost of the Windsors is £334 million a year - some 10 times the amount the royal family publishes. "We see the biggest questions about royalty often about money," historian Kate Williams tells Yahoo UK during episode five of 'The Royal Box'. "When Windsor Castle burned down, it came out that it was going to be paid for by the tax payer. There was a huge outcry that the tax payer shouldn't have to pay. "This comes up again and again when we need renovations and it will come up when Harry and Meghan ask for £5 million or whatever they want when renovating their apartments. There will be a conversation about it and I think it's right there's a conversation. "We need to think about royals and their spending and it needs to be properly looked at."