What You Need To Know About Juergen Teller In Celebration Of His Exhibition At The ICA

Have you seen the Juergen Teller exhibition Woo! at the ICA yet? The provocative German fashion photographer has taken over the London gallery with a huge variety of his work featuring blown-up prints of his portraits featuring everyone from a (naked) Dame Vivienne Westwood to supermodels Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Kristen McMenamy as well as his mother in Germany. There's also an image of himself (naked bien sur) and some cute, if quite dazzled, looking babies. It's a fine display of Teller's signature way of shooting with two cameras and multiple flashes in order to capture that bright, washed-out effect. Want to know more about the super snapper? Read on for five incredible facts...

1. Together with high-powered stylist (now a photographer herself) Venetia Scott, who was his partner at the time, Juergen Teller created a ‘realist’ style of photography that defined the ‘90’s – along with Corrine Day and later on, Terry Richardson.  

2. These days he’s the other half of a different power couple, as he is married to art dealer and gallerist, Sadie Coles. One of the cute babies is his son with Coles, he also has a 15 year old daughter with Scott.

3. Now he rarely shoots fashion editorial for magazines, focusing on portraits, for the likes of W Magazine. However three top fashion brands; Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood have returned to Teller season after season for their campaigns, so you never have to look hard to see one of his iconic fashion images.

4. His most famous campaign image was Victoria Beckham’s legs sticking out of a carrier bag, for Marc Jacobs. Another frequent muse for that brand’s imagery is film director, Sofia Ford Coppola.

5. Not many people know this; an issue of the niche design and art magazine 032c, was once removed from shops due to a Teller image inside. The offending photo was of supermodel and Teller muse, Kirsten McMenamy, revealing her bottom – without any pants on (!)

Juergen Teller: Woo is at the ICA from 23 January to 17 March


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