Nearly Half Of Women Have A Plan B Man Waiting In The Wings

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New research has found that 43 per cent of women have a back-up man plan, despite being in a relationship.

Chances are this Plan B fella is an old friend that the woman has known for around seven years but he could be a colleague, gym buddy or an ex.

The study carried out by OnePoll asked 2,000 women about their relationship contingency plans and found that nearly half of them had a man waiting in the wings that they could call on.

And this guy is no drunken booty call.

One in 10 women admitted their Plan B had already confessed his undying love, while two in 10 knew that their Plan B would “drop everything” for them.

These resourceful women revealed the reason why these first alternatives were ‘ready and waiting’ was due to unfinished business.

A quarter of these ladies admitted that they have a strong feelings for their Plan B as they do for their current partner, while 15 per cent reckon they feel more for the mysterious man than their other half.

All of this news probably wouldn’t be quite so worrying to the coupled up men of the world if it weren’t for the fact that a whopping 80 per cent of these women are in regular contact with their Plan B.

Oh dear.

However, only one in six women would seriously consider hooking up with their back-up man compared to the one in three who “doubted” anything would ever happen with him.

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Nearly half of women in relationships have a certain someone waiting in the wings [Rex]