NBA betting: Unique schedule may offer some points of profit

Yahoo Sports Staff
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The NBA season is two weeks old, and while we hate making too much of a small sample size … well, that’s all we have.

The start to the season has in many ways resembled the NBA’s restart in the bubble, where variance, volatility and surprising blowouts seemed to rule the day.

And that makes sense because there are a lot of similarities in the two circumstances: a short break for many players, limited training camps, a thrown-together schedule and the overarching mission to just get this thing done.

So what’s a sports bettor to do? Well, this might be the time to utilize a little patience and look for spots to attack. With the odd NBA schedule, there may be some angles to exploit.

The NBA has only released its schedule up until the All-Star break, but it is filled with massive road trips, lengthy home stands and no shortage of two-game series.

Here are a few spots we will be looking to exploit in the coming weeks:

Utah Jazz

Started a seven-game road trip Jan. 3 in San Antonio that ends Jan. 13 in Washington.

Potential fade spot: Jan. 8 at Milwaukee

San Antonio Spurs

Starting a five-game road trip Tuesday at the Los Angeles Clippers that ends Jan. 12 in Oklahoma City.

Potential fade spot: Jan. 12 at Oklahoma City

New Orleans Pelicans

Start a seven-game road trip on Jan. 11 in Dallas that ends Jan. 23 in Minnesota.

Potential fade spot: Jan. 19 at Utah

Orlando Magic

Start a six-game road trip on Jan. 13 in Boston that ends Jan. 22 in Indiana.

Potential fade spots: Jan. 16 at Brooklyn; Jan. 22 at Indiana

Trips like these aren’t the norm in an NBA season, and we’ll be watching closely, monitoring opening and closing lines and how coaches alter rotations and usage to adjust to the extended trips.

In an unprecedented season, the opportunity to learn always presents itself.

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