Naughty dance routine gets 'SYTYCD' dancers all 'hot and bothered'

On So You Think You Can Dance, dance partners Dassy and Fikshun were turning up the sex appeal in their choreography from last week’s Bollywood to this week’s jazz routine. And during rehearsal, they were enjoying it a bit more than expected. Fikshun said, “I don’t know if I’m getting hot and bothered from the dance or from Dassy. She was getting kind of close and I was like, Oh!”

Dassy seemed up for the new choreography challenge, but she was also a bit out her element. “I am nervous because last week was happy and sexy. This is just more sexy,” she said.

But Fikshun wanted to make sure that the dance wasn’t just sexy but also fresh, saying to her, “We have some close moments in this dance and we almost kissed like five times. My breath didn’t stink now, did it? I brushed my teeth this morning.”

Fortunately, Fikshun’s breath was super clean, and when Dassy and Fikshun finally put those super fresh sexy moves into action, the judges could feel the heat. Vanessa Hudgens said to the choreographer, “There is no doubt that you made Dassy sexy. No doubt about that.” Nigel Lythgoe replied, “It wasn’t just sexy; it was slightly naughty. I won’t sleep tonight — I really won’t.”

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