Natural remedies: The healing scents to help insomnia, anxiety & more

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Healing scents to help insomnia, anxiety + moremarilyna - Getty Images

For some of us, the word aromatherapy might evoke images of joss sticks, tie-die maxi skirts and ageing hippies. But before you disregard it in favour of harder more unpronounceable medicines, listen up.

New studies are emerging to prove that scents can do a lot more than clear your chakras. Let us introduce you to the healing science behind the scent:


Research on stress has proven that before and after inhaling geranium oil, stress levels were 18% lower, while sandalwood has been proven to reduce anxiety levels. Look ou for scented candles that combine the two with mood-boosting patchouli.


New research from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Canada found people who smelt rose oil before watching a nausea-inducing video felt 50% less queasy than those who sniffed nothing at all.

The researchers say certain odours can elicit emotions that distract the brain from motion sickness. Try dabbing on some Diptique solid rose perfume next time you travel.


When Neom ran scientific Sleep Trials, 91% of their participants reported having had a better night's sleep after using their Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist, and 100% said they would recommend it blend to a friend who was struggling to sleep.

It was recently reformulated with 25 times more chamomile essential oil, 48% more lavender and three times morepatchouli, which acts as an effective and potent relaxant.

Neom Sleep Exert, Anandi, explains how to do it: 'Spritz your pillow with 3 sprays of the therapeutic inhale through the nose for 7 seconds, and out through your mouth for 11.

'This simple trick of making the out breath longer than the in breath will stimulate the body’s natural relaxation mechanism, the parasympathetic nervous system, naturally preparing your body and mind for sleep.'

Cold and flu

With antibacterial copaiba balsam oil from the Amazon, Neal’s Yard De-stress Aromatherapy Blend is a deeply-scented cleansing oil that eases symptoms of respiratory infections with neroli to invigorate – perfect if you’re feeling fluey.

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