National Trust parks, gardens and outdoor locations to stay open during England lockdown

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Photo credit: asmithers - Getty Images
Photo credit: asmithers - Getty Images

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The National Trust has released a statement explaining that it will “stay open for local access to parks, gardens, countryside and other outdoor sites during lockdown in England.” It's houses, shops and holiday accommodation will, however, close.

New lockdown restrictions will come into force in England on Thursday 5th November.

The Trust have outlined the below points in the press release:

  • The Trust will do everything it can to keep its gates open to give people access to green space, nature and fresh air, says Director General

  • Houses, shops and holiday accommodation to close but online shop to remain open

  • Coast, countryside, car parks and toilets will stay open

  • Gardens and parks will stay open for pre-booking, to maintain social distancing

  • Outdoor play areas remain open in line with Government guidance

  • Takeaway food and drink will be available where possible

The Trust’s coast and countryside sites and carparks will remain open. It also intends to keep its gardens and parklands open with pre-booking to encourage local people to enjoy open space while adhering to the Government’s guidance and maintaining social distancing.

The charity’s Director General Hilary McGrady said: “We follow Government advice and guidance at all times, in each of the nations we serve.

Photo credit: David C Tomlinson - Getty Images
Photo credit: David C Tomlinson - Getty Images

“We know how important access to green space, nature and fresh air are to people, and we’ll do everything we can to provide them during the next phase. Our priorities will remain the safety and well-being of visitors, staff and volunteers.”

The Trust’s online shop will continue to offer customers gifts, garden and home wares, books and clothing.

Hilary continued: “We know this month is going to be tough for everyone and we want to give members and visitors as much pleasure, rest and enjoyment as we can.”

Photo credit: James Ennis - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Ennis - Getty Images

The National Trust in Wales

Once the fire break lockdown ends in Wales on 9th November, the National Trust looks forward to welcoming visitors back to its Welsh locations.

The National Trust in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland the charity has had to close its historic houses, and its cafes are only offering a take-away service. The Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre has also had to close. Grounds, shops and holiday cottages however remain open.

An online booking system will enable members and non-members to purchase tickets, while car parks will also be monitored to check capacity levels. Opening decisions will be made with safety and local conditions in mind.


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