Nathalie Emmanuel advises House of the Dragon cast to enjoy fan attention and stick together

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Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel has shared some words of wisdom for the cast of new spin-off, House of the Dragon.

Nathalie starred as slave-turned-handmaiden Missandei in the HBO epic. The role thrust her into a new kind of stardom and gave her firsthand knowledge of the fans of George R. R. Martin's fantasy world.

"I'm sure they already know, but this fanbase, whew... They are passionate and they are amazing," she exclaimed to The Hollywood Reporter. "And who knows how this series will be received, but I hope it's a huge success. And if it is, it's an experience, and it will be an adjustment, for sure. If you're not used to that level of attention or recognition, it's definitely something.

"So I guess my advice would be to just enjoy it and look to each other. It was really important that we, as a group, went through all of that together and held each other down."

The 33-year-old English star can currently be seen in horror The Invitation and will be back as Ramsey in the next Fast and Furious instalment, Fast X.

But before then, she'll be tuning into the rest of House of the Dragon's debut season.

"I'm just so happy to see that world back. I now get to watch it as a fan, so that's really exciting and cool," Nathalie smiled.