Natalie Portman's latest embrace of her 'Star Wars' past: Hanging with a Stormtrooper at Disneyland

Natalie Portman at the Environmental Media Association’s 27th Annual EMA Awards in 2017 in Santa Monica, Calif. (Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Environmental Media Association)

Natalie Portman is an acclaimed Oscar-winning actress, known worldwide for her roles in such hits as The Professional, V for Vendetta, Black Swan, and Thor. Yet her most widely seen performances to date are those she gave in George Lucas’s Star Wars prequels as Queen Amidala. And as a recent Instagram post confirmed, she’s still more than comfortable palling around with her friends from a galaxy far, far away.

Yesterday, Portman posted two pictures from a recent trip to Disneyland, and as the first makes abundantly clear, she found time to stop by the Star Wars attractions — not missing the chance to take a selfie with one of the park’s formidable Stormtroopers.

This isn’t the only recent example of Portman embracing her blockbuster sci-fi past. Earlier in June, Mark Hamill revealed on Twitter that he’d never met Portman, whose Amidala is, in Lucas’s franchise, actually the mother of Hamill’s iconic hero Luke Skywalker.

When she was made aware of this situation by Stephen Colbert during a subsequent visit to The Late Show, Portman let it be known (in the video below) that she would be more than willing to have a family reunion with Hamill — this despite the weird-timeline fact that she’s actually considerably younger (by 29 years!) than her fictional son.

Given that Portman’s Amidala perishes at the end of 2005’s Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, it’s unlikely that she’ll be making a return appearance in J.J. Abrams’s forthcoming as-yet-untitled Episode IX. Her recent, and continued, fondness for the series, however, suggests that were another prequel to ever require her services, she might be game to once again take part in the intergalactic saga.

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